Still Loving Fenton Street Market

What better way to kick off the new year and a new venture than at Fenton Street Market?

Hooked and Loopy made its proud debut today in Silver Spring, and it was awesome!  We LOVE Fenton Street Market. It draws an amazingly diverse and cool crowd. We are so happy it’s back, and that the organizers from last year are still in charge. It’s great to see friendly faces from our GeOrnaments days. You loved our animals (we sold out of octopi, angelfish, and seals). You were super supportive of us (sorry, no business cards yet, at least till we nail down the new logo).  It gave us a warm and squishy feeling that we thought only sappy movies could give us…

Our very first sale?  Bunny change purse!  As you know, my mom makes these with leftover fabric from her prolific quilting and handbag-making.

I still love to eat your change!

Interested?  Check us out on Etsy.

But the stars of the show today were our amigurumi animals…

Amigurumi animals

Hanging out at Fenton Street Market

It was great to watch folks make the discovery about the animals.  

“Oh, these are cute.”  
“Oh!  They have names!”  
“OH!  They all have different and cute names!  

Yes, friends, we DO indeed have little chicks named Chick Springfield, Henny Craig, Chicky Gervais, Hennifer Aniston, Daniel Cregg, and Hen Affleck.  ‘Cause that’s how we roll at Hooked and Loopy.

Amigurumi Chicks white orange

What do you think OUR names are?

We will be back in Silver Spring, at Fenton Street Market, on May 26. In the meantime, it’s back to the workshop to replenish our stock!

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