New Year, New Animals!

Happy 2013, everyone!

We want to first THANK YOU for an amazing 2012 season!  We had so much fun at our street fairs and festivals and really loved meeting again with our returning customers.  Thank you so much for remembering us – and continuing to support us!  Thank you for being as excited as we were about the new animals!  And thank you for the stories you shared.

I loved hearing about the little girl who burst into tears when she got her T-Rex because she was so happy.


We loved meeting the kids who brought their birthday money over and cleaned us out of our stock. “I’ll take a zebra and a duck and this crocodile and OMG you have a monkey!  I’ll take that… and…”

Crocodile Duck - Big IMG_0818 Monkey - Litte

Over the course of the season we went from having 20 types of animal friends with us, to now more than 50.  We have been motivated to keep going, crocheting till the wee hours of the morning, every night, because of you and your enthusiasm and support.  Thank you!

We won’t be out and about on the streets at fairs for a while, but you can find us at Pyramid Atlantic ArtSpring in Takoma Park, and soon at Think Outside the Store in Silver Spring.  And of course we are always available on Etsy.

We are launching new ventures this year.  Don’t miss out on seeing our line of birthday cards, available at Think Outside the Store in Silver Spring and on Etsy.