Finally…Fall Fairs

Hello readers! It’s been a while.

Hooked and Loopy has had a FABULOUS summer!  

  • Our Washington Post-supported commuter paper, the Express, gave H&L a shout out in their article on local craft markets!  (and they are forgiven for referring to H&L stuff as knit rather than crocheted!)
  • First time filmmakers at Silver Spring’s Docs in Progress featured H&L’s awesome T-Rex (Julian) in their short video documentary about Fenton Street Market!

It’s almost made me forget that all I’ve been doing since the last fair at Fenton Street Market on July 13 is sit in on the couch and crochet.  I spent the summer turning into a mole person – hiding from the sun in a cool, cramped room, working to get to 100 different kinds of animals and creatures (made it!).  But it makes me think…

I Know It’s Not New Year’s, but I Need to Have Resolutions for Next Summer

1.  Get Out More.  I’m going to try to get out and do at least one fair a month – just to stay connected with people.  I miss interacting with the folks who come visit the Hooked and Loopy tent.  And without your feedback, there’s a high risk I’m going to crochet 50 chupacabras, which will live with me forever because nobody in their right mind wants a chupacabra.  (Attention:  please do not special order a chupacabra.)

2.  Stand Up and Walk Around at Least Once Every Crocheting Hour.  You know when you hit that age that if you sit down too long, when  you stand up, you hear a series of cracks and pops that wake up your sleeping child in the next room?  I bet I could keep the noise down if I walk around a bit every once in a while.

3.  Convince My Daughter That an Unpaid Internship with Hooked and Loopy Is an Awesome Summer Gig.  She’s nine.  She’s figured out that an unpaid internship just means “Mommy needs help and will only pay you in animals.”  She has returned the favor by making me an unpaid intern for her corner lemonade stand.  (I have been unable to convince her to pay me in lemonade.)

More Fairs, Please! 

Yes, it’s official – I’ve been in the workshop too long.  I am thrilled to have a fresh fall schedule with lots of opportunities to visit with you in September and October.  Visit the Calendar post to see the updates.  I am so excited about this summer’s creations (vampire bunnies, what???) that I am booking fairs like crazy to share them with you.

Let Me Know What You Think! What Should Hooked and Loopy Add to Our Zoo?


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