Want to bring Hooked and Loopy home?

We give you a lot of options!

If you want to get out of your house:

  • Come see us at a fair!

If you can’t stay away from the internet:

  • Find Hooked and Loopy on Etsy!

Find us in a shop!

  • ArtSpring in Takoma Park carries a selection of Hooked and Loopy favorites.
  • Gala at 10417 Armory Avenue in Kensington also has a small army of our creatures. (NEW!)
  • You can find our little animals and superheroes at Sarah Gingold’s studio at Think Outside the Store in Silver Spring. And even better – Sarah can teach you how to make clothes for the animals! (photo courtesy Sarah Gingold)

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About Us

What We Do:

* We offer a variety of reasonably-priced, high-quality clothes, gifts, and toys that are knit, crocheted, and sewn.

Our Priorities:

* Quality and Price. Our commitment to you is to give you the best quality we can at a fair price, while still honoring the investment of the artisans who have dedicated their time and energy to create something special for you.

* Respect. We respect and value all of the partners who make this effort possible. We know that our customers can go anywhere – and appreciate it tremendously when you choose Hooked and Loopy. We are always amazed at the craftsmanship and professionalism of our partner artisans, and feel lucky that you choose to work with us. And to those of you who organize the street fairs we attend, or help us design our websites, or take great pictures of our products – thank you.

* Environmental Consciousness. We prioritize sustainability – repurposing, recycling, re-envisioning the ordinary – to make something new and extraordinary. We strive to keep our footprint as modest as possible.

Store Policies:

* Shipping. There’s no reason to wait for something awesome. If you want a Hooked and Loopy product shipped, if it’s in stock, we will get it to you within three business days.

* Custom-Made Treasures. We know that sometimes you want something specific or one-of-a-kind. If you want something custom-made, give us detailed instructions and 10 business days and we will get it to you.

* Returns. If you don’t love what you get from Hooked and Loopy, you can return it in its original, unharmed condition to us for a replacement or refund.

* Your Feedback. We want to know what you like about us, and what we can do better. Comment here on the blog or send us an email at

Our Story:

* We were founded in 2012 by Sarah Potter of Washington DC.

* We are in this work because we love it, and we will stay in it as long as we love it.

* We started this company because we literally were obsessed with crocheting little stuffed animals. We could not stop. We were addicted – HOOKED – and everyone around us thought we were crazy – LOOPY.

* This is a family business. Sarah’s husband sets up the tents, Sarah’s daughter names the animals. Sarah couldn’t do it without them.