Survey Says…

My daughter surprised me with a fabulous development this evening when I picked her up from afterschool care.

Definitely More Initiative Than I Had at Age Eight

She had developed a survey and interviewed her friends at school and at aftercare.  The question:  Who is your favorite superhero?

And the winner is: Aquaman


I know.  Weird, right?  There’s not even an Aquaman movie! Apparently the whole underwater breathing thing is a hotly coveted skill among third graders.

Second Place

Wonder Woman!

ImageI won’t state the obvious about women always being viewed as second best.  We should point out that she was a hero not just to the girls, but to several boys as well.  Smart boys!  This feminist icon just plain rocks.

Last Place

A tie.  Green Hornet and Flash. Maybe it’s the Christmas colors?

IMG_1031IMG_1027What do YOU think?


Giraffe, Brando, and Dean on Wicker Chairs

Hello readers!  We’re going to try to be better about posting this year.  As the cartilage in our hands begins to disappear from our many hours of nightly crochet activities, we find that blogging fills the void and helps us continue to connect with these ridiculous animals.  Because of course that is totally normal.

On a visit to a Florida thrift shop we found these amazing wicker chairs that are perfect for our giraffes. And monkeys.  But mostly the giraffes. They’re kind of flinty and they aren’t moving.ImageAnd then we started thinking about whether or not other cool, obstinate folks spent any time in wicker chairs.  And immediately we found this:ImageWicker.  The most amazing material in the world.  Other than yarn. Obviously.


2013 Is Going To Be Super

It’s here! It’s here! Fenton Street Market’s Opening Day is on April 27 at Veteran’s Plaza in Silver Spring, and we will be there!  We know that 2013 is going to be our most super year yet!


We can’t tell you how psyched we are to show off what we’ve been working on all winter.  Superheroes.  Giraffes.  Sheep.  And we know that you won’t judge us, because it is completely and totally normal for us to have spent the winter crocheting for up to 4 hours a day, 7 days a week, till our wrists started to click ominously.  

We know that you’ll agree that getting really excited over creating a pattern for a bunny version of the Green Hornet (known to Hooked and Loopy as the Green Hare-Net) is not weird at all.  

We know that searching shops for just the right chair for our animals to sit in is an excellent use of time, much more important than reading.


We can’t wait to see you at Fenton Street on April 27!  

The Countdown Begins

Hi everyone!

We’ve been like elves in the workshop, crocheting like mad to be able to offer you fresh new awesome amigurumi animals for the 2013 season.

What We’ve Been Up To

We’ve been experimenting with different patterns and options to give you the best possible version of every animal we carry.  Check out our new and improved sheep, giant monkey, teeny tiger, and striped octopus.


Where To Find Us 

We are planning to be at Fenton Street Market in Silver Spring for opening day on April 27. Stay tuned to this space for confirmation.