Survey Says…

My daughter surprised me with a fabulous development this evening when I picked her up from afterschool care.

Definitely More Initiative Than I Had at Age Eight

She had developed a survey and interviewed her friends at school and at aftercare.  The question:  Who is your favorite superhero?

And the winner is: Aquaman


I know.  Weird, right?  There’s not even an Aquaman movie! Apparently the whole underwater breathing thing is a hotly coveted skill among third graders.

Second Place

Wonder Woman!

ImageI won’t state the obvious about women always being viewed as second best.  We should point out that she was a hero not just to the girls, but to several boys as well.  Smart boys!  This feminist icon just plain rocks.

Last Place

A tie.  Green Hornet and Flash. Maybe it’s the Christmas colors?

IMG_1031IMG_1027What do YOU think?